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  • Date June 2015 – Jan 2016
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  • Photographs By Re Wikstrom · Lexi Dowdall

@Backcountry on Steller Stories

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Steller Stories is an elegant app designed to promote storytelling in a seamless content experience with text, pictures, and video.

In June of 2015, I created a Steller account for which grew from 0 to 12,600 followers in the 7 months that I managed the account. I was responsible for creating stories and maintaining the account. Steller provided a unique and authentic way to present the outdoor products sold by in their natural habitat.

The 24 stories I published on Steller consistently achieved inclusion among the Top 20 Stories of the Day within the app. The content averaged over 13,000 views per story, while a handful of stories received over 25,000 page views.
I viewed Steller as an opportunity to present shopable content to demographics and potential customers outside the outdoor industry. By showcasing the huge variety of products stocked by Backcountry, I hoped to inspire others to get outside and escape the mundane. From recipes, to paddleboarding tutorials, trip reports to gear reviews my goal was to produce compelling content for anyone interested in a life lived outside.

Photographs within the Steller stories on the Backcountry account were taken by myself, Re Wikstrom, and Tim Benson.

For the optimal experience, click the link within the captions below to visit the Steller Stories account.

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An Overview of the Steller Account

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Take the #slowroad: Backcountry Skiing

For’s Winter 2015 Catalog I served as both a lifestyle and ski model. I also created six Steller stories to showcase the gear and experiences presented in our print catalog. Each story linked to a collection of relevant gear on providing viewers with the opportunity to purchase the featured gear.

Visit the Story:

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Backcountry Journal: The Spiral Jetty

For the Spiral Jetty project, I selected and coordinated acquisition of all featured products from vendors and assisted in planning and scheduling an overnight camping trip to produce the story. Myself and Pace Measom served as subjects for the story. I also assisted the photographer, Tim Benson, in set styling while we produced photo assets for a recipe on Dutch oven cooking, which can be viewed on Steller.

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Vendor Feedback

“I have shared this [Steller Story] on my agency Facebook page and shared with team at Selk’bag. Thanks for so much love here—This has to be one of the more creative marketing campaigns I have seen!”
- Owen Dennehy (Sales Representative, Clear Creek Sales)

“The campaign is killer! Thanks for the inclusion. Forward the photos of the shoot my way and we can do a FB/ IG announcement.”
- Alex Gobel (Sales Representative, Jammy Pack)

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Additional Industry Feedback about Steller Stories Content

“Thank you so much for the update and all the included information on this story! It’s so awesome and so great to see how the story is told and the gear is highlighted, especially the Brixton Tiller hat. Thank you again for reaching out and letting us be a part of this awesome story! We would love to be involved in anything similar moving forward if the opportunity arises!”

  • Rebecca Birnbach (Sales Representative, Brixton)

“This is fantastic! Thank you for the exposure for Garmin. I am at our sales meeting this week at Garmin HQ and will share this unique content.”

  • Tammy Deranleau (Regional Sales Manager, Garmin)

“This is AWESOME. Thanks a ton for sharing and also making it happen. I look forward to more. Thanks again – great job!”
- Brad Barlage (Sales Representative, Ascension Sales)

“I have been in Ventura this week and shared this with many folks. Everyone was very impressed, not just with the story, but how it resonated on such a personal level. Thank you again for taking such a spirited approach to our brand with this campaign. The Stellar lookbook tells so many fun stories,excellent work behind telling these tales.”

  • Matt O’Connor (West Coast Sales Manager, Patagonia)

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