Backcountry Journal: Camp Coffee

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  • Date July 2015
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Backcountry Journal: Camp Coffee Journal Emails were a creative concept designed to present gear to our customers within the framework of an outdoor adventure. Journal Emails included a brief story or trip report highlighting 5-7 pieces of gear. A description and review of the gear helped provide customers with context while presenting product in an authentic, exciting way.

For the Camp Coffee Journal, I selected and obtained all featured products from vendors, coordinated the photoshoot, and was on hand to style the set for the photographer, Re Wikstrom. I helped to co-author the Journal email and corresponding blog post with Backcountry’s Senior Copywriter, Pace Measom. I was also entirely responsible for shooting video and creating the Steller story linked below.

Photographs by Re Wikstrom
Co-Authored by Lexi Dowdall & Pace Measom
Set Styling and Product Selection by Lexi Dowdall

The email I helped to author below was sent to subscribed email customers in July of 2015.

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Content created for the Backcountry Journal Email was then repurposed into an article for the Explore blog and a flipbook on Steller Stories, as pictured below.

To view the complete story, click here:

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· The Journal emails consistently achieved the highest open rate of any email type sent by to customers.

· Demand sales increased by 79% on average for products featured within a Journal email.

· Internal searches performed by shoppers on for the featured products in the Camp Coffee Journal email increased 59% on average within the 30 days following the promotion when compared to the 30 days prior.

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