The West Desert Whiskey Drink

A recipe for a good time

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  • Date August 2015
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A project I worked on with Pace Measom and Re Wikstrom, the West Desert Whiskey Drink was a recipe piece produced for’s blog and Steller Stories account. I was responsible for set styling at the photoshoot, gathering props and ingredients, and helping Re with photo concepts.

The recipe was conceived by Pace and we traveled to a remote corner of Utah’s West Desert to execute our vision for a rugged, refreshing libation.

To view this project online, click here!

The West Desert is an
austere and haunting place
bordering western Utah and Nevada.
It’s a place where a stiff glass of
whiskey is a good thing to have when
camping in the backcountry.


1 Organic Orange
High West Double Rye Whiskey
Gourmet Maraschino Cherries
Soda Water
Angostura Bitters

Begin by peeling thin strips of the orange rind.

Rim each glass with the peel.

First add whiskey. Pour for three seconds.

Add a dash of bitters.

Top off with soda water.

Add a cherry...or two.

Top your Mason jar and shake.