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@backcountrycom on Instagram = #goatworthy

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  • Date Aug 2015 – Jan 2016
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@backcountrycom on Instagram = #goatworthy

I was completely responsible for all facets of the Instagram account. In addition to managing the account, I sourced and curated all content, wrote captions, responded to customers, established a content calendar, established reporting and metrics, and devised a compelling content strategy to both grow the follower base while maintaining a high rate of engagement.

Prior to my taking over, social had not been a big focus for, and I worked tirelessly to change that while also better representing women in an authentic way in the outdoor space.


· While managing the account, I managed to smash social revenue goals by 66%.

· In 4 months I added 55,000 followers, growing the account by 49%.

· Maintained an aggressive posting cadence of 3-4 times daily, whereas before I managed the account, content was posted 4 times per week, on average. This represented over a 200% increase in content production.

· Optimized and balanced content to boost both engagement and revenue by establishing a social strategy and a content posting calendar.

· Comparing YOY totals, the average number of likes per post for the content I curated increased by 51% and the average number of comments per post increased by 36%. (Good content is powerful stuff).

· Where previously no metrics were reported for Instagram, I established a baseline for engagement against industry competitors, which was then maintained despite rapid follower growth. I also established weekly reporting in order to set quarterly goals for revenue, engagement, and follower growth.

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Below are some examples and highlights of the work I did while managing the Instagram account.

The Instagram account at a glance.

A sampling of the Instagram account.

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A photo and caption by yours truly.

Placing product in its
natural habitat for the
viewing pleasure
of customers.

Content sourced from a community influencer to advertise one of the biggest sales of the year on

Using content created by customers and influences was an effective way to bring attention to the huge variety of products available on

I often sourced content from employees to illustrate the good life outdoors and spread knowledge about company culture.

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The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

On short notice I was tasked with promoting and advertising the existence of the 2015 Gift Guide on the website on all our social channels, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Thinking quickly, I contacted vendors whose products were included in our gift showcase and had them send samples to influencers, customers, and gear testers in the community. Within 2 weeks, I began posting unique and authentic content created by our community members to promote the Gift Guide and drive traffic to

To generate additional photo assets for social media, I also coordinated a studio photo shoot with our Senior Photographer and Editor, Re Wikstrom. I worked with the Merchandising team to select themes and products for the photo shoot. I also provided creative and photo direction for our studio photographers in order to produce a cohesive, visual experience.

Below are examples of content created by myself, the studio photography team, and images sourced from the community members I’d seeded with product samples. I had under a month to complete this task and was able to produce 32 posts in total highlighting the products included in the Gift Guide while driving traffic to the website experience.

An image I took to kick off the 2015 Holiday Gear Guide.

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Instagram Follower Growth

A graph imported from the Iconosquare platform tracking rapid follower growth. The box highlighted indicates the time when I began managing the Instagram Account. Rapid audience growth to the tune of 49% is observed between August 2015 and January of 2016 when I managed the account.

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