Brand Promotion: Xsories

A promotional campaign to introduce a new brand to customers: Xsories Gear

  • Role Community Manager
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  • Date January 2015
  • Type Email Promotion

Xsories Brand Promotion

Xsories crafts gear and accessories to help photographers and GoPro users capture and share their adventures. As a new brand to in 2014, Xsories was looking to grow their presence on and boost sales. As’s Community Manager at the time, I offered to help coordinate gear testing for product reviews and a promotional email campaign.

I hand-selected 10 individuals to test, review, and photograph 5 pieces of Xsories gear. The 10 field testers had 30 days to complete their Xsories product reviews and were also competing to produce a short edit using their Xsories gear to win a new GoPro. Once complete, this content was then utilized to craft an email introduction to the Xsories brand. Using this authentic and unique user generated content, we were able to present our customers with a more complete picture of Xsories gear used by real outdoor lovers.

To see the winning video, use this link:

Industry Feedback

" Lexi, you’re amazing.
Thank you so much for your efforts to spread the good word about our products.
We appreciate all of your hard work and it truly shows in the reviews and content.

Please continue to use our tools and provide us with feedback.

Your visions, wants and needs will be directly reflected in our future Xsories products.

Also, As we expand our product line with www. we will be in need of further feedback and content.

I will look directly to you for content providers and product testers."

  • Jason Janecek (Xsories Marketing - Americas)