Teton Land Trust — Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

Marketing strategy, weekly newsletters, social media, and event coordination for a non-profit organization.

  • Role Seasonal Marketing and Outreach Coordinator
  • For The Teton Regional Land Trust
  • Date June 2016 – October 2016
  • URL tetonlandtrust.org

The incredible landscape of the Teton Valley in Idaho is a place I’ve come to cherish over the past 5 years. I jumped at the chance to move to Driggs, Idaho for the summer of 2016 and lend my marketing expertise to the Teton Regional Land Trust. The Teton Regional Land Trust’s mission is to conserve working farms and ranches, critical fish and wildlife habitat, and scenic landscapes in Eastern Idaho for present and future generations.

I found tremendous value in contributing my work to a non-profit organization. In addition to handling logistics and planning all their events this summer, I helped provide insight and strategies for creating effective social media and email content. It is vital for the Land Trust create a message that resonates, connecting them to the community in order to protect great places. The social media and weekly newsletters I created were crafted with that goal specifically in mind.

A highlight was starting a Steller Stories account for the Teton Land Trust. Our most popular piece of content, a Wildflower Identification Guide, received over 11,000 views! I also forged a connection with renowned travel photographer, Jeff Bartlett and a campaign was created to amplify our message to his large social media following. Partnering with key individuals and influencers is key to spreading the message and work of organizations like the Teton Regional Land Trust.

With this in mind, I applied to the Shining Brighter talent search by Subaru USA in August of 2016. Beating out hundreds of candidates, I was chosen to represent the Teton Regional Land Trust, in a documentary for Subaru about passionate Subaru owners working in land protection. Subaru featured this film on the big screen at their national retailer convention in Dallas in October of 2016. Thousands of folks sat down to watch three Subaru owners that are invested in their local communities and working hard to make a positive impact. It was incredible to expose the Teton Regional Land Trust to such a huge audience.

Below is sample of the work I created for the Land Trust in the summer of 2016.
For more information on the Shining Brighter project with Subaru, please visit this page on my portfolio: https://kapowder.carbonmade.com/projects/6196100


Below is an example of content I created from start to finish for the Teton Land Trust to share within an email newsletter and across all social media platforms. The content encompasses a naturalist walk I helped to organize in Island Park, Idaho with a US Forest Service botanist, Rose Lehman. We had over 40 attendees arrive at the historic W Bar Ranch, eager to learn about the incredible flora growing in the area.

I snapped about 300 pictures and put together this guide on Steller Stories to illustrate our experience. It was a big hit on Steller, receiving over 11,000 views and 285 likes. Creating viral content is key to creating awareness and support around the work of the Land Trust.

Click the link below the image to experience the content.

To view this content please navigate to: http://bit.ly/2awdH6M

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I orchestrated a chance to work with renowned Canadian adventure photographer, Jeff Bartlett, on behalf of the Teton Land Trust. I took a day to show him the local mountain bike trails near Grand Targhee and a dusky river float down the Teton River. Jeff snapped photo after photo while I told him about the organization’s mission and the incredible stretches of riverbank we’ve helped to protect and restore. Jeff went on to create this Steller Story about the Land Trust’s efforts. The story was featured across the entire platform and chosen as a #StoryOfTheDay by Steller. It was featured on Steller’s Instagram and received well over 18,000 views.

This experience demonstrates the power of inspiring people to protect great places. I’m so thankful to Jeff for taking the time to come explore and broadcasting the mission of the Land Trust!

To view this content please navigate to: http://bit.ly/2aH2cIN
(All photographs taken by Jeff Bartlett: http://www.jeffbartlettmedia.com/)

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Creating digestible, engaging email content is a challenge I relish tackling.

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For the Teton Regional Land Trust, email was one of the best ways to bolster charitable donations and event attendance.

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Weekly emails for the Teton Land Trust included upcoming events, updates, and information about projects and conservation easements.

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