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Orsden stumbled upon my Instagram account and we decided to make some magic…

Orsden Kickstarter: Slope Pant Launch

“Lexi’s work was a huge factor in getting our Kickstarter campaign successfully funded. From her insider knowledge of Little Cottonwood to her awesome attitude, we were thrilled with the result and can’t wait to work with her again!
Lexi did an amazing job producing this video for us! It was great to leverage her local insider knowledge of Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Lexi was not only professional, but incredibly personable. Our Kickstarter video would not have turned out as well, or been as easy to create, if we had not worked with her.”

  • Sara Segall – Orsden Founder

Video Shot and Edited by Kipp Schorr & Tim Jones ·
Skiers: Lexi Dowdall & Caleb Kraussman ·
Produced by: Lexi Dowdall

UPDATE: February 2017
With the help of our Kickstarter video, Orsden successfully funded their campaign to produce the Slope Pant!

Orsden, based out of Vermont, is an outerwear brand built for a life well lived in the outdoors. Orsden’s founder, Sara Segall, stumbled upon my Instagram account and before long we were scheming and making plans to realize her vision for a Kickstarter Campaign video filmed on the slopes of Alta Ski Area.

Sara and her husband, Steve, founded Orsden with the simple mission of offering quality ski gear to winter lovers at a more reasonable price. By selling direct to customer, Orsden offers incredible value for skiers and snowboarders who are also searching for a flattering fit in addition to functionality and practical features in their outerwear.

Sara and Steve are ready to take Orsden further and sought my help to produce a video for a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the launch of their Slope Pant. Their funding goal of $42,000 was met on February 22, 2017.

See the campaign: Click Here!

From sourcing local videographers and talent, to arranging pre-public lift access at Alta Ski Resort, I handled the bulk of logistics for getting the film project up and running in Utah. Sara and Steve flew out from Vermont and we were thrilled to discover over 3 feet of snow blanketing Little Cottonwood Canyon. The weather cooperated perfectly for our 2 full days of filming with Kipp Schorr and Tim Jones; we came away with stunning imagery. I myself was used as the skier while producing the film.

In addition, I helped Sara arrange a launch party at the local Peruvian Lodge bar to introduce Orsden to the local community. I publicized the event on my own Instagram account as well as partnered with the Peruvian Lodge to get the word out about our après party.
It was great to work with so many friends and connections in the Salt Lake area to give this project life.

Sara and Steve are truly committed to their craft and I believe they are on to something big. Having seen how much outerwear companies think they can fairly charge customers, it’s refreshing to see a different approach paired with products that offer a great fit and quality craftsmanship.

To view a followup article I crafted for Orsden about Snowbird trip hacks, please check out the following link: Click Here!

Images shared to my own instagram, @kapowder, during the course of video production at Alta.

Instagram Takeover

Part of my work with Orsden included a weekend-long Instagram takeover in January showcasing the must-see nooks and crannies of Alta Ski Area.

Visit https://www.instagram.com/orsdenski/ to see the action.

A few little clips assembled by Kipp Schorr to promote the Kickstarter Campaign on social media.

Video credit to Kipp Schorr: http://www.wagonproductions.com and Tim Jones: http://gritvisual.com/

Video credit to Kipp Schorr: http://www.wagonproductions.com and Tim Jones: http://gritvisual.com/

Video credit to Kipp Schorr: http://www.wagonproductions.com and Tim Jones: http://gritvisual.com/

» Kipp Schorr: http://www.wagonproductions.com
» Tim Jones: http://gritvisual.com/


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