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As a Lander Ambassador I’m testing their gear in the wild. Here lies a record of my experience with Lander gear.

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I have a passion, nay a compulsion, to share my story. At times, I need a little kick or reminder to put my phone or camera away and remain present. I want to share my connection to the mountains, nature, ad the people that surround me. As elegantly as I can manage, I want to give these moments to you. I obsess over details and sweat the small stuff, because to me, good design and an enticing visual aesthetic are everything. I want to draw you in, bring you along, and present you with a piece of my story.

To me, elegant design is a way of life. I want anything I create and the products I use to reflect this mindset. I try to avoid products or brands that fail to incorporate thoughtful design. Be it a garbage user experience in a phone app, a poorly engineered appliance, or a fugly sofa…I’m not amused.

With a commitment to solid, thoughtful design Lander is a company that seamlessly melds user friendly and beautiful technology with a life lived outside. Like most of you, when I retreat to nature, the last thing I need or want is complicated gear that requires a set of instructions. To venture out is to seek an unplugged state. I want simple, solid, dependable gear. Lander, as they say, is ‘Gear Made Modern,’ and their mantra is crafted into functional, durable products for adventuresome people.

As an ambassador for Lander, I am thrilled at the opportunity to try their gear both for fun and for the work I do as a freelance ‘skilancer’. If you are considering purchasing from Lander, please use my link (click here) and enjoy 25% off with the code: Lexi25.

On to the grinding of the gear…


The Lander Moab Case for the Apple iPhone in subzero temperatures.

Right out of the very fetching box, the Lander Moab Case fit nicely on my iPhone. A swell case is great, but what sets this phone case apart is Lander’s ThermoLine backing. Lander claims this thin piece of material lining the inside of the phone case can protect your phone and battery from temperatures ranging 0ºF to 120ºF. In my line of work, this could potentially be a game changer. I ski 80+ days a year, capturing video and photo as I go to create content for my personal social media, for Ski Utah, and the IFSA (International Freeskiers & Snowboarders Association). I need battery life, people!

I routinely create Instagram stories for both Ski Utah and IFSA. As the Director of Freeride for IFSA, I manage all social media and often find myself atop various ski hills from 8:00 AM till 4:00 PM capturing moments, time lapses, and photos during our competitive Freeride skiing and snowboarding events. I am literally clinging to the side of the mountain, taking my phone in and out of my pocket an upwards of 50 times per day to catch the action. (To get a sense of what this entails, head over to @ifsafreeriders and check out our archived Instagram Stories.) I’ve done this for over 20 events and rarely finished the day with a phone that wasn’t completely dead. This presents a problem as I like to immediately post all the content in one push as soon as I get off the mountain (but not before taking off my ski boots). Usually, I’m frantically searching for an outlet and awkwardly sitting in a corner.

Fortuitously, the IFSA North American Junior Freeride Championship was held in April in my backyard: Snowbird. With 5 days of action, there was ample opportunity to test the Lander Moab Case in a mountain environment. Because it’s April in Utah, we experienced no less than 6 different climate zones during the event. From 55-degree spring skiing to 40”+ of perfect Utah powder, testing conditions for the Moab Case were rigorous.

I honestly didn’t expect a thin insert to do much. However, never once, in 5 days of competition did my phone die before I could post my content to the IFSA channels. There were times on the hill when my hand was so cold I had to stash the phone to warm up. A low of 17ºF was no problem for the Moab case. These are the most trying conditions I would ever find myself using my iPhone, so this week-long experiencing using the Lander Moab Case is a complete endorsement of this product. It works. I was able to do my work better, and I could also relax, knowing that my phone wouldn’t be dead by 1PM. I collected more photos and videos, and I was able to put together better content for my job. SOLD. The Lander Moab Case is now an integral part of gear for my work.

The ThermoLine backing on the Lander Moab case extends the battery life of your phone. Tried. Tested. True.

As an iPhone 8+ user, the last thing I need is more bulk as this phone BARELY fits in the pockets of my ski gear. Luckily, the Lander Moab Case feels solid and protective without adding much bulk. Plastic cases I’ve used have often chipped or cracked, but the durable, rubbery feel of the Moab Case seems to offer more shock-resistant protection and there’s no visible damage, wear, or tear on the case after 6 weeks of steady use. (I can’t say the same for the plastic Dreem case I was using prior to the Lander phone case.) I did not make use of the detachable lanyard, because my phone is already so big, but I will keep it on hand for paddleboarding or rafting this summer, since my phone is waterproof.

At $39.99 the Lander Moab case is reasonably priced (even more so if you use my link and the code: Lexi25). The real value here for me is the incorporation of the ThermoLine material to preserve and protect your battery. This for me was a game changer in terms of being better able to do my job with less fretting and stressing about my iPhone battery exhausting itself in my cold, mountain office.


Have you ever had a standard issue iPhone cable last longer than 4 months? If so, hats off to you, I’ve never had such luck. I travel a lot, drive many miles, and often throw all my stuff (computer included) into a gargantuan duffel to spend a few nights at the ski hill during storm cycles. As such, my cables and chargers take a respectable beating.

The rough and tough ports on the Lander Neve Lightning USB Cable are ready to rumble.

The Lander Neve Lightning USB Cable is compatible with all Apple accessories and features supremely durable construction of nylon and heavy-duty connection points. The rugged design of the Neve Cable is what most excites me. The thick, flat construction of the cord is not going to start unraveling or fraying anytime soon. To further prevent cord decay, Lander has engineered Everpull connectors, which are easy to grip and wont self-destruct like the Apple cords always do. The stiffness of the cord and the flat construction also prevents tangling, which is helpful as I’m often tossing the Neve loose into a duffel or laptop bag.

As further testament to the bombproof construction, Lander will send you a replacement Neve cable should yours malfunction at any point. Spend a couple extra bucks and avoid replacing your cables in the future. My only critique is that it does not come in a longer length, as I really prefer a 6ft cable. However, if you’re taking this beauty into the backcountry, then of course weight is a concern so perhaps 3ft is better suited to those who wander afar.

The flat cord of the Lander Neve Lightning USB Cable resists tangling.

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FULL DISCLOSURE: In March of 2018 I was chosen from over 300 applicants as a Lander Ambassador. Lander generously sends me gear, which I then test with the intent of providing honest, thoughtful feedback. My start in writing and eventual career path arose from crafting lengthy gear reviews on skiing equipment for Blister Gear Review.

I may crack a lot of jokes, but I take gear seriously. My desire is to inform you, the consumer, about a product I have used and tested extensively. The opinions expressed within this review are my own. I am committed to providing an honest gear review about my experience with the products above and feel that disclosing the information that I am a Lander Ambassador is pertinent information to the contents of this review.