About Lexi

I want a relationship with my clients. Get to know me a little better and call me, maybe?

Forging a connection and an actual relationship with my clients is something I strive for. I’d rather turn down a client that isn’t a perfect fit than attempt to mash another line on my resume and earn an easy check. I prefer projects where I can distill my passion. I’m a shy person by nature and my favorite thing is winter, so let’s go ahead and break the ice. Here’s a few random things about me, Lexi.

I’m obsessed with customer service…

I’m a cat person. Meet Darwin.
@meetdarwin on Instagram.

I like reading.
HERE if you want to read my book report.

I’m a wannabe umbraphile.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Favorite place to ski.

Alta has a special place in my heart because my mom spent much of her young adulthood there skiing around in gaiters and jeans. Those were the glory days when season passes were won by lottery and skiing powder required skill rather than a pair of rockered skis. There is a special essence about the landscape of Alta. A vibe that remains true to the heart and soul of skiing. You can’t describe it, you simply have to ski it to believe it.

Pioneer stock I am.
It’s S-C-I-E-N-C-E!