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It was a float trip down the Gates of Lodore on
the Green River that rekindled my desire to paint…

I originally learned to paint and draw as a small child from my Grandmother, a sculptor and painter settled in Sedona, Arizona. Her home was sandwiched between monoliths of vermillion stone. Nearly every composition focused on the desert landscape that surrounded her.

I have always identified as a doodler, in fact my high school classmates often called me ‘Doodle,’ a play on my surname. College and life happened and I lost my connection to painting and drawing. In the sweltering July heat of 2019 I randomly packed a small watercolor kit in my oversize dry bag for a float trip down the Green River through the Gates of Lodore. The soaring cliffs, encapsulating eons of geologic time, inspired me to try painting again. In the past year, I have tackled a 100-day watercolor project and it has led me here. Welcome to my watercolor journey!

I capture the themes and places I love to share them with you. Enjoy!